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The background information for this tool are results from the ECOCARP-Project. The ECOCARP-project was a joint European and Chinese research project in ichthyology and fish biology, funded from the European Commission (INCO-Dev). It is multidisciplinary basic research , including systematic, ecology, reproductive biology, genetics, and conservation components. The main objectives of the ECOCARP activities were collaboratively (1) search for new species for aquaculture, (2) description of the biology and conservation requirements of these species, (3) to show how to manage larval stages through captive rearing, (4) and to disseminate synoptic information to end users.

This presentation visualizes in a comprehensive manner the results of work package 3 of the ECOCARP-Project, ("Aquaculture Screening") about the investigations and experiments on larval and fry rearing of native species in China which are new candidates for sustainable aquaculture.

This manual for broodstock management, incubation and larval culture techniques for the ECOCARP target species was designed as an interactive compendium to make the results on the reproduction experiments easily accessible for the interested community of aquaculturists, specifically in China.

The tool will be distributed on CD-ROM in English and Chinese and is available as beta-version also in the Internet. Please note, that not yet all features are functional in this beta-version.

For obtaining copies and for further information please contact:
Dr. Bernd Ueberschaer

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